Wanting to Make a Change in Your Life?

Many people hope for a brighter, happier future.  Some experience happiness but it is fleeting.  I provide a space where it is safe to explore complex and confusing issues.  From a base of authentic, sensitive listening I add ideas and techniques that I have been using in my 30+ years of caring and helping.  Many of the people I meet often feel discouraged.  See if any of these thoughts sound like the ones you experience:

I feel helpless and out of control.

I have too much to do and too litle time.

I do not feel in charge of my life, my home or my family.

My significant other and children do not respect me or my wishes.

Listening to “relationship experts” has not helped.

If these statements describe your thoughts and feelings, it’s time to examine what is working in your life and continue that. But you also need to assess what is not working, learn new skills and put them into action.

I help clients explore ways to make positive change in their lives, create a plan with maneagable steps and support you while you make your plan a reality for yourself, your primary relationships and your family.

To set up a complimentary call, please use the “Contact Me” page on this site or call me at 805-379-9600. I’d be happy to speak with you.

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