Family Psychologist

I am a Licensed Psychologist specializing in the treatment of individuals, children, adolescents and families. I bring a high level of professional training as well as over 30 years of caring into my practice. It takes courage to go and talk to a therapist, but the rewards are usually worth the risk of telling someone else about your life. People typically come to a psychologist because they have a problem they want to discuss with someone who is unbiased and impartial and not going to judge them based on their problems.

  • I use a integrative approach to therapy and my approach is tailored to each individual client and the problems they present
  • I believe each person has the knowledge and ability to solve their own problems, but often they have blocked this knowledge from their awareness. The structure, safety and support of therapy and a therapeutic relationship help people solve their own problems and create the life they wish to live.
  • I often collaborate with teachers, counselors and others in a child’s life to develop consistency in their life.
  • I also teach and train graduate students and newly licensed therapsts.
  • I provide psychological reports for dependency and custody cases.


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