Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover Psychotherapy?
I am a in-network provider on many plans. Please check with your insurance carrier’s behavioral health department to find out what benefits are covered on your plan. I provide the necessary documentation so that your insurance carrier will provide payment once it is determined that psychotherapy is a covered benefit.

Are you taking new clients?
Yes, at this time I am taking new clients. The more flexibility you have for scheduling appointments the more easily and rapidly I can serve you.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
Late afternoon and evening appointments are available Monday through Thursday. Friday appointments are scheduled from 9 am through 5 pm. Weekend appointments are limited to ongoing clients with immediate concerns.

Can you prescribe medication?
Only psychiatrists and other medical doctors may prescribe medication. Psychologists are not currently licensed to prescribe medication in the sate of Ca. If your symptoms indicate a need for medication, I will provide a referral and collaborate with the doctor prescribing the medication

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